What is Content Marketing & Why You Should be Using It


Have you ever read a blog post and thought to yourself, “This was written specifically for me”?

Well, you’re not the only one. 

In fact, people from all around the world read articles or watch videos on a daily basis that resonates with them. And, in many cases, it’s these pieces of content that first introduces them to a business, and oftentimes drive them to trust the brand and become loyal to them.  

Which is exactly why content marketing is so powerful

You see… 

Good content marketing doesn’t only increase brand awareness, but it also allows consumers to be drawn to your business, instead of you constantly having to work your finger to the bone just so you can get a minute of their time. 

But, before we explore all the amazing benefits that content marketing offers your business, let’s first cover the basics:

What is Content Marketing?

In short, content marketing is a digital marketing method that uses content to market your business. The content can be anything you create that users interact with, e.g. blog posts social media posts, videos, infographics, etc. 

With the help of great content, people have the opportunity to get to know your business in a non-invasive way – meaning that you won’t repeatedly have to twist their arms to take an interest in your offers as your content will do the twisting for you!

Your target audience will consume your content, start seeing you as an authority – and ultimately end up BUYING from you!

In fact, marketers around the world are investing in content marketing now more than ever. In Hubspot’s 2021 Marketing Report 82% of marketers report that they actively use content marketing as part of their marketing efforts.


Because it works!

Additionally, a study conducted by Optinmonster, states that 72% of marketers say that content marketing has increased their engagement and amount of leads drastically.

Now, if these stats haven’t already convinced you that you NEED to include content marketing into your marketing strategy a.s.a.p., then let me show you just how much this form of marketing can help your business… 

5 Reasons why you should be using content marketing in your business:

  • It has a long-term impact

You see… 

Many business owners only see NOW as important, and as a result, completely neglect thinking about the long-term success of their businesses. 

Therefore, they don’t want to make use of content marketing since it doesn’t give them immediate results. 

However, this will only end up hurting their businesses (and their pockets) at the end of the day. 


Because, even though content marketing doesn’t result in immediate profits, like some other forms of marketing, it results in MUCH higher profits and ROI in the long run. 

Let me show you an example: 

Dave owns a graphic design company that offers a range of services such as branding, print, and digital design. Recently, he’s developed a content marketing strategy that involves him posting one valuable and interesting blog post per week that directly relates to the services that he offers. 

During the first month (having posted 4 articles), it only brought in about 50 readers to his blog – of which 1 became a customer. However, when Dave hit the six-month mark (having posted 24 blog posts total), his blog now generates a few thousand readers each month – and he is getting an average of 8 to 12 new customers monthly from it. 

The best part?

The initial 4 blog posts are still generating massive amounts of traffic to his blog even though he posted them six months ago!

So, as you can see, the content may not immediately have resulted in a massive ROI, however, it had a snowball effect that continually brought in customers and revenue.

  • Build trust and authority

Being seen as an authority in your industry gives your business power

But here’s the thing… 

It’s easier said than done since building authority can be extremely hard, especially if your company is still young. 

Luckily, content marketing offers you a way around this. 

Because no matter how old your company is, or what size it is, content marketing will, without a doubt, help your business grow authority amongst your target audience if you continually post effective, relevant, and valuable content that they WANT to read. 

When people trust your content and associate you as an expert, you effectively eliminate your competitors off the map – making you the go-to in your industry. 

As a result, things like pricing will no longer be the “be-all-end-all” as people will genuinely want to work with you solely because they trust you that much. 

Studies have shown that 95% of B2B service and product buyers view digital content as a trustworthy source when assessing whether they want to purchase from a business or not. 

Needless to say, when your business reaches this level of authority and trust with the help of your content strategy, you become unbeatable. 

  • Generate more high-quality leads

You might be thinking, “how on earth will a blog post, video, or social media post generate leads for my business?

Well, it’s quite simple actually… 

Your content allows you to guide your potential customer to a landing page where you can collect their contact information, or maybe even a sales funnel where you can sell to them on the spot. 

This can be achieved by including numerous call-to-actions throughout your post or video: In your intro, at the end of the post or video, in the side panel, or even in your video descriptions. 

You can also generate more leads by making use of gated content (content that visitors can only access after they’ve provided you with their contact details).

At the end of the day, if you provide your readers with engaging content that they find useful and interesting, they’ll be far more likely to buy from you – whether it be on the spot, or at a later stage. 

  • Help you save money on marketing

Content marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy that exists today. 

Even though upfront payment for content may appear to be steep, it’s by far the least expensive form of marketing with the highest ROI. 

Think about it… 

With a one-time investment (for the initial content creation), you’ll be generating website visitors and leads for months, or even years to come. 

And, let’s get real… 

Who wants to constantly pay for online traffic if they don’t have to? 

Not you!

So, by hiring a freelance writer to write your posts for you, or a content marketing agency to make videos for your business (which will save you tons of time, and ensure that your content is on-point), you can have a well-rounded blog or social media page with irresistible content in no time. 

Needless to say, compared to other forms of marketing, such as paid ads, content marketing wins the battle every single time.  

  • Improves website visibility through SEO

Content will help customers find your website on their own. 

You see, content marketing is a form of inbound marketing which essentially means that it attracts your target audience to your site without you having to force it upon them through annoying social media ads. 

If you regularly create high-quality, valuable content by using long-tail keywords, you’ll improve your SEO and start ranking higher on Google (or any other search engine) over time which will give you LOADS of brand awareness and organic traffic. 

The key is to be consistent and diligent. 

You need to remember that ranking higher in a search engine does take time and by no means is it a get-rich-quick scheme. 

However, if you keep providing quality content on a monthly or weekly basis, your rank will grow tremendously and your ideal customers will start discovering you consistently – meaning that you’ll enjoy more profit than you ever thought possible. 

Find out more about what SEO is and how it works here

What’s Next

Content marketing is powerful. 

If you’re not using it, you’re missing out… big time!

Luckily, you can always start creating content and incorporate it into your marketing campaign/s today. 

If you’re interested in starting a blog for your business, or maybe you already have a blog but you want to up your content strategy game, I’m here to help!

Contact Chanté Smith Agency today for all your blog needs!

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