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I'm a freelance B2B content writer helping Creative Agencies & SaaS Companies catapult their online visibility and attract new customers through attractive, engaging, and search engine optimised blog posts.

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B2B Blog Posts

Keep existing and prospective B2B buyers glued to your website through quality blog posts that they WANT to read.


Email Content

Win the hearts of your email list through informative and conversion-driven nurturing and marketing emails.


Social Content

Stop your target audience mid-scroll with engaging social media content that'll convince them that they NEED your services/products.

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When it's written by Chanté, your copy is:


- Attractive & Interesting

- Target Driven

- Search Engine Optimised

- Highly researched

- Infused with Digital Marketing & Copywriting Principles

- Original

- Ready to post/publish/send

- Written in Your Brand Voice 



"Chanté is no ordinary b2b content writer. She knows how to utilise technical strategies and skills to enhance the performance of her client's content, whether it be writing for blogs, websites or adverts. She has a firm work ethic and always conducts herself in a very professional manner. I will most certainly be calling on her again in the future."

- Sanmari Marais, CEO of Tonic Branding


"I have known Chanté for several years and one thing is for sure: she is a brilliant marketer and copywriter. Her natural way with words can make anyone buy anything. She is an ambassador of commitment, dedication, and efficiency. I highly recommend her content writing services."

- Aisling Green, Founder of Ashlin Green


"I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Chanté and came to know her as a truly valuable asset. She is honest, dependable, motivated, and incredibly hard-working, staying with her deadlines. Her knowledge of copywriting and expertise in word choice with the combination of customer flow was a huge advantage to our team."

- Shanei Bornman, CEO of Born Intelligence

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Why choose me?

When it comes to engaging content, I know what gets readers ticking.

Being a digital marketing content writer since 2018, I've had the privilege of helping numerous creative agencies attract and retain customers through B2B content.

With a Degree in Marketing and Communication, I incorporate effective marketing strategies into ALL my writing projects. With my content writing services, you can expect great content every single time.

Above all, I focus on one principle: 

Content that SERVES is content that SELLS.

Marie Forleo